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Panic Away Review

Recurring and frightening panic attacks had me feeling miserable for more than 20 years. My anxiety disorder was debilitating and I felt trapped by how my body responded to fear. I tried everything from therapy to natural supplements but nothing helped. I scoured the internet in search of a cure and had almost given up all hope, until I came across Barry McDonaghs’s Panic Away Program.

I couldn’t believe that I finally found an anxiety cure that actually did what it said! The program helped me eliminate panic and anxiety symptoms so that I could live my life more fully without the dread and fear of when my next attack would be.

Anxiety and panic attacks interfered with my longing for career advancement and it left me feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to hold it together for the sake of my son. Panic attacks ruled my life, but with help from the Panic Away Program I was able to take charge of my own life. I have had so much success with the program that I want to help spread the word to other anxiety sufferers so you don’t give up hope like I almost did. Here is my honest review of the Panic Away Program.

What is Panic Away?

As a former anxiety sufferer like myself, Barry McDonagh created the Panic Away method after it helped him eliminate his own panic attacks. He has since seen success in 54,000 people in 32 countries across the globe. I am now proud to say that I am one of those people who are now anxiety-free!

Panic Away is famous for the 21-7 Technique which was perfected by Barry McDonagh. This technique taught me to stop a panic attack in 21 seconds and minimise my anxious feelings in under 7 minutes. The 21-7 Technique gave me the ability to stop fearing future panic attacks.

How does it work?

box2 Panic Away ReviewThe program targets general anxiety and panic attacks and helped me identify the symptoms and causes of anxiety. The program’s key message is to stop fearing panic attacks. It is the fear that reinforces the cycle of having further panic attacks. The fear of having future attacks in a situation becomes linked to the actual situation and a panic attack is then imminent. So when I learned I no longer had to fear having panic attacks, I was one step closer to eliminating them altogether.

In the Panic Away Program Barry McDonagh incorporates evidence based on cognitive behavioural strategies commonly used by psychologists into a holistic program which also uses mental exercises, physical exercises and awareness based techniques. It is this holistic approach that helped me overcome my anxiety disorder.

Why choose Panic Away?

This method is suitable for any anxiety sufferer, whether you have had anxiety your whole life like me or if you have specific phobias. I had anxiety for over two decades and after using the Panic Away program I no longer had these debilitating symptoms.

The Panic Away program offers a non confrontational and straightforward way of overcoming panic attacks. I found the program easy to read with strategies that helped improve my emotional health in no time.

Panic Away is very practical and explains how the techniques can be used in specific situations where panic attacks may be prevalent. I particularly found it helpful in scenarios such as driving my car, leaving my house or speaking in public.

Is Panic Away the right program for you?

If you experience panic attacks and unremitting anxiety then the answer is quite simply, yes. These are some of the symptoms that I experienced with panic attacks and anxiety:

• Physical symptoms: trembling, chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating, rapid heart rate, and digestive upsets
• Psychological symptoms: constant worrying, feeling like you are going crazy or losing control, self-blame and guilt.
• Social problems: the above interferes with work, personal relationships and your overall quality of life.

If you experience the panic symptoms listed above and you answer yes to any of the following, then you may benefit from the Panic Away Program just as I did.

1. You want to stop having panic attacks without using medication
2. You are willing to commit to a proven self-help program
3. You want to gain long term control over anxiety
4. You’ve tried therapy and it hasn’t helped
5. You don’t want to delve into past to find out why you have attacks
6. You want an affordable treatment program

When might Panic Away not be right for you?

• If you are feeling acutely unwell or having suicidal thoughts. In this situation you are best to consult your doctor as soon as possible.
• You don’t have an interest in understanding the anxiety and managing it over the long term

Still skeptical? Try the free Panic Away Method Demo mini-lessons.

What does the Panic Away program include?

Panic Away is a complete anxiety treatment program that can be purchased as an immediate download or the package can be delivered straight to your home. When I purchased the kit I was extremely happy with the 256 page eBook as well as dvd’s and cd’s that helped me learn how to manage my symptoms. The program now comes with complimentary private email coaching with the author which is valued at $150! I found this support invaluable and it meant any questions I had were answered by the man who created the program himself.

Another advantage of the program is that you get access to the exclusive Panic Away forum. I was able to connect with other anxiety sufferers in a supportive network of people who are now excelling in life because of this program. To add to the credibility of Panic Away it offers a 60 day money back guarantee, but I didn’t need to refund it as the program worked for me. So if you suffer from anxiety then you really have nothing to lose if you purchase this program. I was so keen to get started that I was thrilled I could download and start using the program immediately.


I have provided an honest review of the Panic Away Program which personally helped me overcome my anxiety disorder and frequent panic attacks. It has changed my outlook and I can now enjoy life rather than fearing it. No matter what form your anxiety takes, Panic Away can help you. I highly recommend this program to any anxiety sufferer who is seeking a proven treatment program.

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